Baxter Supports Sekou Konneh’s VPA Candidacy

Mr. Jonathan A. Baxter_web.jpg

Former Barrolle and NPA goal hunter, Jonathan Armah Baxter, has appealed to stakeholders to elect BYC president Sekou Konneh as vice president for administration in the March 22 LFA Elections.

In a telephone interview yesterday, the former NPA tireless striker said for over seventeen years, Mr. Konneh has developed Liberian players and it is time he is elected to join the next LFA administration.

“Mr. Konneh deserves the support of all stakeholders and I’m hopeful that this time he will be elected for the position he seeks,” Baxter told the Daily Observer.

He said he had known the BYC boss for more than twenty years, and in those years, Mr. Sekou’s passion has been youth empowerment, through sports.

“As vice president of Administration,” Baxter said, “the next leadership will enjoy much success, and stakeholders cannot let him down.”

The outspoken ex striker said Mr. Konneh’s current success story with the Barrack Young Controllers, is an added boost to his administrative ability to make a difference at the Liberia Football Association.

He meanwhile appealed to stakeholders to re-examine tangible achievements of all the candidates interested in the VPA’s position and make a reasonable choice, which he hopes will be in favor of Mr. Sekou Konneh.

The VPA position is being contested for by the incumbent, Musa Shannon, a former Lone Star player, who is seeking re-election.



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