Basketball Enthusiasts Want Samukai for President

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K-Delta Female basketball team president Abraham Samukai will now decide to change the fortunes of Liberian basketball. But will he?

This is primarily because many members of the Liberia Basketball Association, (LBA), including coaches, players and team presidents, want him to contest the forthcoming elections as president.

A cross section of enthusiasts and others interviewed by the Daily Observer in the wake of the forthcoming elections said it is time for Samukai to lead the development of Liberian basketball as its president.

“I’ve followed him as president of K-Delta,” said an enthusiast, “and he must now accept the challenge to lead the association to another level.”

He added: “I am aware he was once in the leadership of the LBA and he had to resign due to the incompetency and lack of cohesion in the administration at the time.

“It is clear that though current LBA president Anderson has done so much for basketball, I think the king maker, Samukai, must now be supported to lead the association.”

Many told the Daily Observer that Samukai was extremely influential when he campaigned as well as encouraged stakeholders to support Anderson’s election bid.

“Now,” he said, “is his time to lead and therefore once we can get Samukai to accept our petition to run for the presidency, we are convinced he would bring a competent leadership that will bring great improvement to basketball.”

Another said, “Ab’s love for basketball is so intense that it makes sense after a period of time supporting others that he must consider the chance to listen to our appeal.”

Many also noted that while encouraging Samukai to run for Liberia basketball Association’s top post, “We should remember to remain truthful to him.”

“We must demonstrate that we are equally determined for the task of supporting him, his policies and ensuring that basketball gains much support.”

Over a year ago, several basketball presidents met at a private restaurant and mooted the idea of Samukai becoming the next LBA with their support.

At the meeting, though Samukai was not in attendance, a friendly source told journalists, “He (Samukai) is always willing to support basketball to another level.” With the opportunity now available, and the incumbent Alexander Anderson also contesting for re-election, many observers see a brighter chance for Samukai to bring in new ideas that would on the game.

Abraham Samukai is credited for bringing in several female basketball players from Nigeria and Guinea that brought international flavor into the local game.

A source from the petitioner told the Daily Observer that he is considering the request and may file appropriate application for the top post.

“It’s about time we give basketball all the support from the Liberian government and the general public,” he was quoted as saying, “coming to the leadership will be a turning point for basketball.”

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