Balawala Appointed to IE Strategic Committee


In a desperate attempt to change the misfortunes of Invincible Eleven in the second phase of the Cellcom-LFA National League, IE’s Board Chairman, Dr. Eugene Shannon, last Saturday appointed Mr. Kekura Kamara as a member of a strategic committee “to save the club.”

The committee is headed by Mr. Charles Allen, a member of the Board of Directors.

At a meeting at the B. W. Harris High School in Monrovia, Mr. Kamara blamed the IE administration for the current shame that that team is facing.

“I heard there is no motivation for the playing team,” Mr. Kamara, known as Malawala Balawala, said. “It is about time we do what is necessary to save IE’s image.”

The soccer team has lost nine matches in a row and it has caused former players, led by Benedict Nyemah, to hold a series of meetings to demand for change, possibly in the administration.

At a meeting held at the Wells-Hairston High School also on Saturday, the former players, including former goalkeeper Wreh Brapoh, Joker Wreacher, Gbelley Marshall and Teah Fokofo, expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s poor performance in the league.

Kamara said he would hold a meeting with the former players to understand their position in the way forward to rescue their beloved Invincible Eleven.

Mr. Kamara appealed to IE fans and former players to remain committed to the success of the team. The IE Strategic Committee is also charged to ensure the reactivation of IE’s local fan clubs in the various communities in Monrovia and elsewhere.

Though a member of the Strategic Committee, Kamara holds a lot for the revival of Invincible Eleven.

During the period of George Weah (in the 80s), Kamara was one of the individuals that worked with others to make sure that Invincible Eleven maintained her image and winning glory.

He is an advocate of players’ development and he is reported to have helped several players to transition from Liberia to play in France. He is unassuming and he allows what he is capable of doing to speak for him.

He told the Daily Observer that he believes it is not too late for Invincible Eleven to change its misfortunes in the current league.

“We need to work harder,” he said. “And I am prepared to do that.”


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