Anderson’s Re-election Hangs on Financial Report

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The outgoing President of the Liberia Basketball Federation, Rufus Anderson’s chances of seeking re-election hangs on how well his administration will submit at least one year’s financial and other administrative documents to all club members.

In an Executive Committee meeting held last night, the issue of preparing a balanced financial statement that would be acceptable to team presidents appeared to be a problem.

“We are unable to get our hands on any financial document to prepare a statement to the clubs,” admitted an administrative official, after the meeting, “because we’ve not been able to get the financial secretary to work with us.”

As a result, a motion was tended to suspend Ms. A. Andrews, who told the Daily Observer yesterday, “I was not invited to the Executive Committee meeting.” She had been unhappy with financial handling in the administration.

As the meeting gained momentum, LBF president Anderson, seeking re-election was told by a member that unless financial documents are prepared and ready for submission to other members, “You must as well forget your desire for re-election.”

The financial documents are part of the agreement reached on Tuesday, January 27, with aggrieved club presidents who have accused Anderson of killing passion basketball and wants him out.

Chaired by Deputy Minister of Sports, Henry B. Yonton, and with consultations with the Liberia National Olympic Committee, (LNOC), Anderson’s LBF agreed to hold congress on February 17.

“Elections will be held on February 18,” the agreement signed by Minister Yonton and communicated to all parties, said.

It said further that the LBF would prepare Congress documents and must be sent to all clubs at least 15 days prior to the congress.

“Congress documents for all clubs will be picked up at the Ministry of Youth & Sports beginning February 2,” the agreement said, which must include the 2013/2014 fiscal calendar year.

The agreement said club presidents would be responsible for all expenses covering the activities on the day of the congress, and noted that all clubs that have registered in the LBF account would participate in the congress and in the electoral process.

While Minister Yonton urged the LBF administration to accord the agreement with its utmost attention to move basketball forward, the LBF’s Executive Committee yesterday was still grappling with how to conclude some of the pertinent issues raised above.

Members, last night surprisingly expressed disappointment for what they said was the Government of Liberia’s interference in basketball administration.

“I think we will send every letter from the Ministry to FIBA,” a member said, claiming that it is not the government’s duty to get involved in who leads the administration and therefore they would forward all documents to the Federation of the International Basketball Association.

However, the LBF had reportedly received U$100,000.00 from the Government of Liberia and they must provide a financial statement about how the money was spent.

“The smooth running of basketball is government’s business,” said a Ministry of Youth &b Sports official.

“It is foolish for Anderson’s administration to complain about government’s interference when the odds are against the administration,” said a club president.

And so whatever the case may be, the outgoing administration will have to provide what their opponents insist should be a ‘balance’ financial report, else, “we will insist on an interim administration to prepare for elections.”


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