Ali Sylla Wants Team Rufus Anderson Out for Failing Basketball

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Basketball stakeholder, Ali Sylla has called for the resignation of basketball boss, Rufus Anderson and his deputies for putting basketball in the doldrums, evidence of his failure to host an annual basketball congress and to seek sponsorship.

Sylla, president of 2nd division D-Rockas, said Anderson’s leadership lacks vision and does not have the impetus to move the game forward.

He argued that basketball would continue to fail and behind other sporting associations in the country if Anderson and his deputies are not removed from office.

He made the assertion over the weekend at the May Edition of the Herbert Grigsby Lecture Forum at the headquarters of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) on Clay Street.

The Forum marked the second lecture series of Roland Mulbah leadership of the Sports Writers Association, which came to power about three months ago.

The Senatorial aspirant for Montserrado County expressed vote-of-no-confidence in Anderson’s leadership and predicted that his days are numbered.

Sylla indicated that the staging of the basketball league during the rainy season depicts Anderson leadership’s lack of vision.

He noted that the failure to conduct elections for the vacant vice president for administration, and other post is another weakness the administration.

The founder and president of C-Delta, Hon. Solomon C. George, (Montserrado County’s District # 7 Rep.), shared the same position of Sylla on Anderson’s leadership.

Rep. George told newsmen recently that Anderson’s leadership lacked planning and as a result he withdrew his team from this year’s basketball league.

He said the team’s withdrawal was to avoid spending unnecessarily, knowing that the league would impose some logistical and financial challenges because of the rains.

Anderson, in reaction described Sylla and Rep. George’s actions as ‘negative propaganda against the development of basketball.’

Anderson boasted of the on-going league but did not make mention of the reason about the hosting of the annual basketball congress.

He revealed that the open-air Sports Commission should have been roofed about six years ago, but the money intended for that purpose was diverted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to construct the gym at the SKD Sports Complex.

Accordingly, during that era, Mr. Marbue Richards was the Deputy Minister for Sports while Education Minister Etmonia David Tarpeh was the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Up to press time, the Daily Observer was not able to contact neither of the two senior ministers Youth to verify Anderson’s claim.

He however, Anderson said his leadership is exerting every effort to cover the Sports Commission not later than next year, that is if he is re-elected in November 2014.

Regrettably over the weekend, players were seen frustrated owing to the abrupt cancellation of the games due to the faulty generator.

The fixtures, which were drawn amongst the LBA triple champions LPRC Oilers, NPA Pythons and Timber Wolves, were amongst others which were not able to be played due to the lack of electricity.

Though the Daily Observer is yet to establish the actual cause for the break-down of the generator but credible source says the machine failed due to the inability of the LBA to continue the routine maintenance.

Up to press time, there has not been any official statement from the LBA but basketball sources said the games would now be played only during the day.


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