35 Attend Volleyball Referees Seminar

Officials of LVF- (l-r) VPO Derick O. Dunbar, VPA Bendu Ciapha, Acting Secretary Akim Massaquoi and President Moiffie Kanneh_web.jpg

Liberian volleyball referees will have another chance to improve on their skills as they get set to participate in the forthcoming volleyball referees training in Monrovia.

Liberia joined the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in 1987.

About 35 referees, drawn from volleyball clubs, schools, communities and the counties, will participate in 5 days volleyball training, under the tutelage of ex-Czech Republic volleyball player and retired referee, Mr. Solomon Bekele.

Mr. Bekele, an FIVB instructor and referee is expected to arrive in the country Saturday, March 8.

The course, which runs from Saturday, March 8 to Saturday, March 15, is the first of its kind in the country, sponsored by the Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in collaboration with the Liberia Volleyball Federation (LVF).

The President of the LVF Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh said: “The training will build the capacity of Liberian volleyball referees and ensure they meet international standard.”

He added: “It’s our dream for referees to be on par with other referees on the continent like Nigerian referee Samuel Timothy, former Ugandan player, now referee Eddie Okila, and Egyptian Amina El Sergany.”

Highly performed referees from theoretical and practice trainings will be recommended by the FIVB instructor for advance training in either Beach International Referee or Indoor International Referee training to obtain a FIVB badge, Cllr. Kanneh.

Due to the delay of funds from the Liberian government as per LVF’s budget allocation, LVF has credited US$2,000 to organize the training, the Vice President for Administration, Bendu Ciapha disclosed.

Meanwhile LVF’s Vice President of Operations said Liberia now ranks 18 in the female division amongst 53 countries in the Confederation of Africa Volleyball (CAVB) ranking, while the men’s team stands at 20.


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