19 for Gbarnga Rainbow Soccer League Saturday


A two month soccer tournament, organized by Team Jorquelleh, a grassroots group of young people of Bong County, kicks off Saturday at the Bong County Sports Stadium with 19 Zones participating.

Believed to the biggest locally organized soccer championship in Gbarnga, the Gbarnga Community Rainbow League is being supported by locals and Donami Sports, USA, headed by retired US professional soccer player and Olympian, Doc Lawson.

Mr. Lawson is expected to take the kick off.

Young people mentored and motivated by Mr. E. Edward Gboe, a youthful leader and long term development practitioner and current National General Secretary of the Liberia YMCA, are mostly the vision drivers of Team Jorquelleh.

Team Jorquelleh promotes principles of social diversity (accepting everybody to work together and benefit together), fostering social equality and equity (treating everybody fairly and equally), enhancing popular participation (allowing everyone to have a voice and stake in what their community does) and strengthening community led approaches to local solutions (building on what community people know to do best around their needs).

The group is interested in the government and the people working together to find solutions to problems and local needs to improve the quality of life of local people; and convinced that the right leaders serve as links and facilitators of social change.

The objective of the tournament, according to the organizers, is to promote social dialogue and youth and citizens’ civic consciousness around governance reform and the active participation of its members and other residents in the ensuring legislative and presidential elections.

The group taps on local resources and motivates Liberians and friendly individuals and organizations in the diaspora to support local actions for social impact.

The efforts has led to locally organized initiatives (with complementary overseas supports in some instances) to achieve a number of locally supported community projects such as road maintenance, school repairs, textbooks distribution, plans for academic tutorship of youth, among others.


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