‘A MOVEE Gov’t Will Support Sports Development’

MOVEE Chairman, Dee Maxwell Kemayah, with standard bearer, Dr. J. Mills Jones, during a recent campaign rally in August 2017.

Jones sees sports as national obligation

The Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) is the first political party that has stated its position on why the development of sports should be a national priority.

Unveiling its platform yesterday at its head office in Congo Town, Monrovia, National Chairman Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr. said if elected a MOVEE government will launch a Sports Development Program.

Kemayah said the program will focus on the wholesome development of Liberian youth with the desire and skill to excel in both team and individual sports.

He said the Sports Development Program will be decentralized across the country and will include, but not limited to, the establishment of a Sports Development Academy.

The academy, he said, will focus on building the talents of individuals in an environment that is conducive and all-encompassing.

He said the program will give serious consideration to the development, promotion, and support of the national teams of all sporting disciplines and the annual County Meet.

The National Chairman said a MOVEE led government will ensure proper representation of “our national teams in all international related engagements with the objective of not being mere participants, but to bring the much-needed pride to Liberia as its Flag Bearers.”

A MOVEE led government will, in collaboration with all the respective sporting associations or bodies, hold a National Sports Conference to take stock of our sporting programs and activities, and determine a way forward for comprehensive support and betterment, he said.

“For a MOVEE led government, there should be no reason why our national leagues, national teams, and County Meet cannot be properly supported with the objective of bringing championships to the Liberian people.

“MOVEE sees this as a necessary national obligation and absolutely not a favor,” Kemayah noted.


  1. Hon. Jones we Liberians has appreciate the level of support you have shown to us during your term at the Central Bank, thanks may God be with you in all of your undertaking.


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