Sköndals Football Foundation Due In Liberia


Swedish football club Sköndals IK is scheduled to visit Liberia next month through their Liberian midfielder Wilfred Greenfield. The club will host kids’ football tournament before Christmas as a means to give hope to Liberian kids after the EBOLA crisis.

The Sköndals Football Foundation is sponsored by Sköndals IK and Nike, the sport company providing footballs and other equipment for the scheduled visit to Liberia.

According to the Swedish club has a youth side and things could develop into bigger plans between Liberian youth and the Swedish club.

The Sköndals Football Foundation has a long term plan for Liberian kids and will be looking forward to a football project that will involve Nike football program and it is a big opportunity for Liberian kids that will be become part of Sköndals Football Foundation program.

Wilfred Greenfield left Liberia in 2011 and now he is giving back to the society he came from. He understands what it means to play football as a kid in Liberia.

The forthcoming trip will cost a lot of money but the Swedish club and it partner are putting in the resources to give Liberian kids some smiles after months of tears due to Ebola.

“I’m very happy for this project because it is all about giving back to the Liberian children. It is not about my name or the foundation but about giving hope that the children can grow to make their contribution to Liberia. This project is very big but we are going to take it step by step,” Greenfield said.

Teams that will participate in a tournament to be held during the visit in Monrovia will receive jerseys and other football materials, he said.

He said a team from Sweden will also participate in the tournament and the Swedish base All-Star team will field Sam Johnson, Wilfred Greenfield, Dioh Williams, (possibly) and other top Liberian players from Sweden.

Wilfred Greenfield has been working with lots of Swedish kids across Stockholm and also serves as their coach and those of the kids of his club.

Greenfield said it is a great step in his career because he does not just play football but also loves teaching kids some amazing football skills.


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