Senior Pros, Asia Based in “AIDS Day” Football, As Eight Schools Targeted for AIDS Awareness

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Former national team football players, under the banner, Senior Pros, are expected to lock-horns with Asia based Liberian players in commemoration of the “World AIDS Day,” globally observed on December 1.

The game is scheduled for Thursday, November 28, 2013, at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex at 4:30pm. The entrance is free.

Ex-gangling left-back defender, Dionysius Sebwe, told the Daily Observ, in an exclusive interview yesterday that the “World AIDS Day Football” is intended to create awareness of HIV/AIDS.

He said Ambassador George M. Weah will be the skipper for the match to upset the Asian based players.

He stated that the game and the sensitization which began yesterday at the GW Gibson School, is done in collaboration with the National AIDS Commission and UN AIDS.

The Lone Star former defender indicated that the game will parade some senior and veteran players including James ‘Salinsa’ Debbah, Kelvin Sebwe, Joe ‘Armstrong’ Nagbe, Jonathan ‘Boy Charles’ Sogbei, Jonah Sarweiah, Prince Daye and George Gebro.

The Asia based stars include Francis ‘Grandpa’ Doe, Patrick ‘Ronaldihno’ Wleh, Isaac Pupo, Tonia Tisdell, and Sekou Moniba amongst others.

“The game will be free to the public and we expect the Health Minister, Dr. Walter Gwenigale to do the kick-off,” Minister Sebwe said.

He added: “Members of Senior Pros and a delegation from the National AIDS Commission began the awareness yesterday and we hope to reach to other schools on Thursday. The schools are Muslim Congress, Nathan E. Gibson, and Paynesville Community School (PCS).

Others schools include Vogar Mission, Calvary Mission and the Bethesda Mission Schools, at the Robert International Airport (RIA) road.


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