Scrabble Pros Get Set for 2-day Encounter


As the February 11 & 13 first awareness scrabble competition gets closer, top players are gearing up to showcase their might.

The president of the Scrabble Club of the Elites, Phillip Gibson told the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday that the current national scrabble champion, S. Pegasus Musue (Solo) will be in action against several tough contenders.

“He is from the Scrabble Club of Champions, one of several clubs in Monrovia,” he said.

Also coming from Scrabble Club of Champions is Samuel Kallon, known as Knot.

Gibson said the acting president of the National Scrabble Association, Fomba Swaray, (Scrabbler) from Scrabble Club of Elites will also take part in the competition.

Also to be in attendance is Benjamin Harris, who plays under the name BNB, and he comes from the Lakpazee Scrabble Club.

Another player expected is Jonathan Wesley, who plays under the name Ozark.

Gibson said the tournament will be held at the campus of the J. L. Gibson Memorial School on Gurley Street, Monrovia.

He said scrabble is a game of intelligence and players are able to learn how to spell words, from two letters and even words that are known specifically in communities.

He mentioned the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary as the main source that scrabble players use.

“It has 2 letter words, root words as well as 8 letter words suitable for scrabble players,” he said.

He explained that the game improves players’ vocabulary and helps them to speak English fluently.

Gibson, quoting National Scrabble Association president Swaray, said the two-day competition will lead to further competitions in various Monrovia communities to take the game to the people.

He mentioned that in 1994, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) sponsored a major scrabble competition in Monrovia and provided tee shirts and trophies, along with cash prizes.

Meanwhile, he told the Daily Observer that Chief Justice Francis Kpokpor is an ardent scrabble player, who has supported the National Scrabble Association.

“Justice Kpokpor plays the game and we are hoping that we can get him to identify with our efforts to make scrabble a national past time,” Gibson said.


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