Sayon Davies Recovery Fund Underway in the US

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Many of us have heard about the declining health situation of several of our colleagues and coaches. We also regret that little or no attention was provided to help these patriotic players and coaches of this nation. My recent visit to Liberia became a turning point to bring the condition of one of our darling clubs of Liberia Football, Invincible Eleven to the attention of the world, most especially Liberians in the Diaspora and our friends.

As a result of a story regarding Experience Sayon Davies’s condition, a diverse group of sport men, including journalist held a meeting last week to help lead a campaign for the recovery of those of our brothers presently struggling with health issues. And we have launched his recovery fund drive.

We have agreed to raise our voices and become a voice for those of our fellow football players that played for Liberia; who gave everything for this nation and today are victims of neglect by the same people that once cheered them on.

Our goal is to prevent untimely deaths by mobilizing resources that will help provide recovery for them, using Experience Sayon Davies’ case as a test case. The present living condition of this one time celebrated star is appalling and deplorable and if we do not act, it will cause his early death. Obviously we cannot do this alone, and we want people of good will in Liberia to join our effort to provide Sayon with hope to get his life back.

We should give him hope and a reason to live again and tomorrow we all can be proud that we did not turn our back on our son who became a victim to a society that do not care for those who cannot afford, a society where the weak takes care of the weak and the strong continues to ride flashy cars and takes lavish vacations around the world. The strong needs to look after the weak; this is how we will build a healthy and vibrant society where everybody can reach out with compassion to those who have needs.

But those of us who are far away are touched by the fate of our brothers: Sayon Davies, Joker Wreachar and George Taylor, one time coach of LPRC Oilers and others. We want to reach out to them with compassion during their difficult times and stand by them until they can gain full recovery.

Our group has embarked on a special fund drive for Sayon Davies at this moment, to see that Sayon Davies is relocated to a suitable living environment (Two –Three Bedroom Apartment), provide him with the need to attend physical therapy and hire a nurse to assist him. We see this as our initial step in Sayon’s recovery and in the future we can arrange for him to seek medical attention in the United States. We feel God has called us to undertake this selfless initiative only to give back life and to recognize the exceptional and remarkable contribution Mr. Davies and others have made on the soccer field as these patriotic sons donned the national colors of this country, while the national anthem was sung and the Flag was raised, an occasion that befits heroes.

As I write, I know Liberians to be a generous people and without doubt, many will join our efforts to pay tribute to these one-time players and coaches as a humanitarian gesture to give them hope to live. I therefore call on philanthropists in Liberia, politicians, companies, our friends in progress, the Lebanese community, the Indian community as well as the churches in Liberia to join us. I remind all of you that we have been called to “to put the interest of others first before our own interest” which means to become selfless and take on others’ burden out of compassion. Philippians 2:5 says, “Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus,” the mind to put the interest of others before your own interest (Phil. 2:4).

The members of the Sayon Davis Recovery Fund are former LPRC-Oilers coach William Tenisio Tarpeh, Benedict Wisseh (Mama Musa), Sipley Weah, Orlando Krangar, Sam Fineboy, Ansu Sirleaf and journalist Sam Larmin.


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