Salinsa: ‘Lone Star Will Rise Again’

Coach Debbah.jpg

In a personal response to the national soccer team’s recent disaster in Tunisia, losing 4-1 and as a result losing its position for the 2017 Gabon Nations Cup, head coach James Debbah issued a brief statement on his Facebook page, wishing for a brighter future. Below is his statement:

“We will rise again I am not deterred, nor disappointed…we will keep on pushing until we get it right.

“With adequate resources and an extended development program this team will be great. Liberia’s best national team on record (GW 11) took 16 years to develop.

“The formation of that organization started in 1986 when a group of 30 young players (Oppong and others) traveled to Brazil on a 6 month training program.

“It took us 10 years after that training (1996) to qualify for Liberia’s 1st CAN competition in South Africa, then it took another 6 years (2002) to qualify for our 2nd; now you do the math…16 years of cohesion.

“I’ve been on this job for only 18 months and look how far we are. No time to shift blames, we fell as a team, and we will rise again as a team.”


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