Saah Trains under Another World Best Tennis Player

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Fourteen year-old Liberian rising tennis gem, Saah Kandakai, who is in the USA to get advance training, has benefited from another few hours of practical training from former World No. 1 tennis player James Spencer “Jim Courier, Jr.”

According to a dispatch, Saah was recently amongst some 10 kids who batted against the four-time grand slam singles winner, and received some practical training from the veteran tennis player.

Spencer holds the record for being the youngest man to have reached the finals of all four Grand Slam singles tournaments, at 22 years and 11 months.

Mr. Courier is reported to have expressed satisfaction over the level of Saah’s performance at his age and is positive that Saah would be a grand slam winner, if he remains determined and supported.

Earlier this year, the Liberian lad played with Mats Wilander, also a former World No.1 tennis player from Sweden.

Saah, who resides in New Jersey, qualified to be part of 100 tennis kids to compete for 10 slots for an exhibition show before an USTA Open.

Saah booked his qualification when he reached the grand finals of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Sectional U-14 qualifiers, his father and former coach, Alfred Saah Kandakai told the Daily Observer.

Mr. Kandakai told the Daily Observer yesterday that Saah’s qualification is a debut appearance for a Liberian kid to reach the finals of the USTA Sectional U-14 qualifiers.

Coach Kandakai said, “Saah is on the path to be scouted for a professional tennis career to fulfill his dream.”

In March 2014, he said Saah reached the quarter-finals in his first Sectional Tennis Tournament in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Prior to his sectional tennis debut, New said in March-2014, Saah participated in the National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton (NJTLT), sponsored by Noah Lilienthal, a 14-year-old tennis player.

The website reported that Lilienthal expressed his willingness to help Saah, describing him as a friend.

The said: “With the help of NJTLT staff, he (Saah) is driven to a Princeton University clinic twice a week with Lilienthal and supplements that with the NJTLT’s Ashe program.”

Saah, an eighth-grader at the St. Michael Catholic High School left for the USA on June 26, 2013 for tennis training at the Sanchez-Casal Academy in Naples, Florida through the help of the Mamba Point Hotel and the Oceano Casino, June 2013.


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