Registration for 2015 Liberia Marathon Coming Soon

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Arrangements for the hosting of the Liberia Marathon 2015 are expected to be completed, according to the organizer of the 2015 Liberia Marathon.

The 2015 Liberia Marathon, which has been postponed two times owing to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), is finally scheduled on Sunday, November 8, according to a press release issued by the organizers yesterday.

The release further said there is a new race category: 10k and 10k race for athletes on crutches and in wheel chairs as well as Liberia Half-Marathon (13 mile race.)

The Liberia Marathon congratulates the government and citizens on being declared Ebola-free and joins in the celebration for this enormous success.

“The joint effort of the Liberian government and the people in close partnership with the international community was simply amazing and it gave evidence that Liberians have the strength and power to overcome challenges together.

“Our thoughts are now with our neighboring countries Sierra Leone and Guinea which are still fighting to get down to zero cases but we are confident that soon Ebola will have left the entire region.

“It is time to come together, to remember and mourn the ones we have lost, but even more to celebrate those who survived and fought the fight to the end. It is time for a fresh start, for a new beginning. It is time to run again!

“We never doubted that the Liberia Marathon will happen in 2015. But we had to adapt to the circumstances and to wait until the environment provide for a safe and secure race. That time has come.

“A full marathon race will not be offered in 2015 but will certainly be back in the future. The Liberia Marathon understands that the rescheduling and the necessary changes may cause inconveniences and we would like to apologize for those,” a release said.


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