Ref. Yekeh May Drop From FIFA List

Liberia’s diamond referee, Jerry Yekeh may drop from FIFA Badge list.jpg

Liberia’s longest serving center FIFA badge referee, Jerry Yekeh may drop from FIFA badge referees’ list owing to his dismal performance in the referee’s fitness test, which is conventionally known as Cooper’s Test.

It is a test of physical fitness, designed by Kenneth H. Cooper in 1968 for the use of the US military.

The Daily Observer gathered that the 35 years old Yekeh on Tuesday could not run to cover 12 laps in 12 minutes in the ongoing Elite FIFA Referee Course, in Monrovia.

Reliable sources said that Ref Yekeh only effectively covered the 40m and 200m. He has been a center FIFA badge referee since 2008.

The Daily Observer has also learned that two center FIFA Badge referees also failed the Cooper’s Test. They included Emmanuel Neewon and Christopher Nylander .

Neewon, 35, received the FIFA Badge in 2009 and Nylander, 33, became a FIFA Badge referee in 2013 alongside Isaac Montgomery.

Fortunately, Montgomery, 29, is the only Liberian center FIFA Badge referee who passed the Cooper’s Test.

For the Assistant Referee category, Joseph M. Hoff, II is one out of four referees that failed the Cooper test.

Hoff, 35, joined FIFA referee category in 2013.

The remaining refs, including Elisha Johnson, 37, Francis Sannoh, 28; and Johnson Gbartea, 35, passed. Gbartea and Sarnoh received the Assistant FIFA Badge in 2013, while Johnson joined in 2011.

The ongoing FIFA Elite referees course ends on Friday, September 4, where an official closing program will be held at the Stone Haven Hotel in Congo town.

The Course Instructors are from Seychelles, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.


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