Ref. Montgomery in the Clear: Over BYC four Red Cards

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The Referee Committee of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) has “cleared” Referee Isaac Montgomery, 29, over an appeal by BYC I against what they described as “the most harsh refereeing decisions ever” owing to the send-off of four players.

The Secretary General of the LFA, Alphonso Armah said according to the appeal’s verdict the Committee found nothing wrong with the cards issued by Ref. Montgomery during the match played on Sunday, June 14.

The Committee’s verdict was released over the weekend since the “appeal to revoke the red cards” was filed immediately after the match.

The Committee is chaired by former Chief Referee Mason Goe, with former Chief Referee and LFA’s Secretary General – Idrissa Kaba; Atty. Joseph Kollie (the Committee’s President) and Mr. Jacob Jeetoe.

Mr. Armah said yesterday over the phone that the LFA has therefore affirmed a three-match ban for the affected players.

“BYC has received the ban in good faith and we are glad they would accept the FA’s disciplinary action,” Mr. Armah. “So, it means that Montgomery is free man and we would continue to respect his decision.”

Players Allenton Semgbeh, Hilton Varney, Karleo Anderson and Trokon Myers will miss the remaining matches in the first phase of the league.

BYC second choice goalie Semgbeh was sent off for denying an obvious goal, while his teammate Trokon Myers received a red card when he caught in his second offense.

Karleo Anderson and Hilton Varney were giving matching orders for throwing direct insults at referee Montgomery who has been graded nationally and internationally for his ‘no nonsense’ approach.

IE’s John Barne Sunday was also red carded for abusing the referee.

Following the June 14th match BYC 1 filed against the red cards, accusing referee Montgomery of being “unprofessional” in his judgment.

BYC 1 alleged that their goalkeeper was on the ground in pain when referee Montgomery issued him the red card, an allegation that could not be verified by the referee’s report as well as the match commission’s report.

Another allegation was that Referee Montgomery handed two yellow cards to Amara Sackor who later stood between the bars of BYC after the red cards, but Montgomery denied the claims during the committee hearing.

Referee Montgomery issued a total of eight red cards in the first two matches he officiated in the ongoing national league.

However, the red cards did not come as a result of serious infringements, but indiscipline attitudes from the players.

He also dished out another three red cards a week before during the Nimba United versus Watanga FC match at the Nimba United under construction stadium in Mount Barclay.

Montgomery action was recently proven when eight players were suspended from the national team’s camp for indiscipline.

Ref. Montgomery recently served as the fourth official during last weekend’s Mauritania versus Sierra Leone Africa Championship qualifiers match.

Referee Montgomery is the youngest Liberian FIFA badge central referee. He was badge in 2013.

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