Pro Boxer to Fight for Liberia

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Liberian Professional boxer Archie Weah of Atlanta, Ga (USA) has expressed his willingness to become part of the revival of the sport (boxing) in Liberia, when he is able to do so.

Archie, who has earned two Golden Glove Awards in the United States, turned ‘professional’ with a classic fight in Georgia.

Turning ‘professional’ means he can now fight for money, and with corporate America in search of talented athletes in all fields, it makes sense to conclude that the Liberian will be hitting the headlines in the near future.

To quicken his rise to stardom, he has appealed through the media to officials of the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC), and the inactive Liberia Boxing Association, (LBA) his preparedness to represent Liberia in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

Archie Weah who is 20 years old, left Liberia at age five, along with his sister and his mother, now deceased, he told the Daily Observer.

“My father currently lives in Liberia and his name is Alexander Weah,” he told me in an interview, “I don't know much about him because I left Liberia at such a young age during the war.”

Archie said, along with his mother and sister, “We left for Ghana and spent over a year at the refugee camp and later came to America.”

He said growing up in the United States, “I have always been an athlete,” stating that he has participated in several sports.

“In high school I played both American football and soccer and also ran track,” Archie said.

He said, “I attended Curtis High School in Staten Island, New York City where I received a college scholarship to play soccer at Syracuse University.”

But it was during his freshmen year in college that, “My beloved mother passed away from a brain aneurysm.”

“I was alone in the world after that. No mother, no father, so I didn't care about much,” Archie told the Daily Observer.

He said his passion to play soccer died, “With my mother. I left New York to get away from the memories and moved to Atlanta Georgia where I attended and graduated from Morehouse College.”

After college, he said, “I gained a lot of weight and I decided to get healthy so I took up boxing as a form of exercise and anger release.” And it was during this period that something remarkable happened, as he explained, “Needless to say while losing the weight I became very skilled at the sport (boxing).”

“I walked in the gym at 215 pounds and managed to reduce my weight. I currently fight professional at 140 pounds,” Archie said.

He said in many ways boxing saved his life and gave him the passion for sport that he lost when his mother died.

“I have a degree in business administration/management to fall back on but at this very moment, boxing is my life. All I want to do is represent my country (Liberia) in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil,” Archie said.

“I want to be the person to give life back to Liberia. I want the whole world to know my homeland. I am more than confident that with the right help I can make that happen,” Archie Weah said.


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