Pipeline Motorcyclists Win L$ 5,000 Prize


at Friends of District #3 Unification Tournament

Pipeline motorcyclists yesterday won a cash prize of L$5,000 after defeating Barclay Mission motorcyclists 5-2 in the finals of a one day District #3 Unification Tournament.

Pipeline motorcyclists had earlier defeated the Neezoe motorcyclists 6-0 in their first match. The tournament was organized by Friends of District #3 (FD3) in Montserrado County to promote unity among motorcyclists.

According to the head of FD3, Attorney Kanio Bai Gbala, motorcyclists, who are often labeled as perpetrators of violence, play crucial roles in the district and the nation and therefore need to be united for the promotion of peace.

“This tournament is not just about you coming here to win a trophy as motorcyclists, you have been taken advantage off in many ways and it is now time that you unite among yourselves and begin to relate to one another,” Attorney Bai Gbala said to the motorcyclists.

Attorney Gbala, who is also a representative aspirant of the district, promised his support to the motorcyclists and said he will do more if elected.

Motorcyclists from four different communities in the district, including the Neezoe, Parker Paint, Pipeline and Barclay Mission participated in the tournament.

Barclay Mission on the other hand clinched a cash prize of L$3,000 as second place winners after they defeated Parker Paint 6-5 on penalties in the first match to advance to the final, where they were defeated.


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