Pen-Pen Peace Network Ends Tournament


The Pen-Pen Peace Network ended a four-team motorcyclist’s peace sports tournament in the Old Road Community. It involved ludo, checker and soccer.

The Country Director of the network, Grace Y. Mayson, said the initiative was meant to foster a relationship between the community, pen-pen riders and the Liberia National Police as Liberia prepares for general and presidential elections.

“The initiative targeted motorcyclists in Montserrado County but will be extended to other counties,” she said.

She said the program provided different kinds of motivational messages for motorcyclists to help transform their minds from engaging in activities that have the propensity to lead to violence.

Mrs. Mayson said before coming into the current initiative, the network was one of the first groups to position barrels from the old Health Ministry to Duport Road junction to help in the eradication of the Ebola virus disease, as well as providing anti Ebola materials.

“We also educated them on the need to do better dressing before going into the field, like wearing shoes,” she said.

She further explained that during the Ebola crisis, the network first created awareness on hygiene and the need for motorcyclists to build good relationship with their clients.

The series of games brought people together to share and play.


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