Paynesville Oldtimers Thrill Soccer Fans at Voker Field

LONA president Tamba chasing the ball in last Saturday's match at Voker sports field

Voker sports field in Paynesville was a scene of intense soccer action last Saturday morning as members of the Paynesville Oldtimers Association thrilled fans.

The matches, divided among four teams, pitched one team against the other. The average player on the team was above thirty and already out of the game. The majority are professionals and others in politics.

Of course, while actions in the games showed that the players were men who have had some ideas of the game, there were instances where the ball met players only to struggle to miss it.

Among the players was LFA presidential candidate George Solo, who in his youth played for several clubs, including Invincible Eleven. Solo played in Tunisia and later went to the United States.

Even at his present status, Solo still has not lost his ability to tell the ball what to do.
Another player was Kervin Sebwe, who plied his trade in Europe and featured prominently for the national soccer team, Lone Star.

Kerwin was that great midfield maestro who was noted for his excellent ball distribution that eventually came to be known in Liberia as “from me to you.” This particular system is when, for example, Kerwin Sebwe (in those days not long ago), would receive a ball and connect to another player and then he would move to another open space on the field to receive it again and then connect to another teammate. As that action is going on, the opponents are doubling their defense and some would panic!

A scene Saturday’s encounter with members of the Paynesville Oldtimers

At this actions continue, his men on the right and then left would move into open spaces. Gifted with abundant energy, the man with his legs crafted to hold the ball between his legs, would push his men forward. It was such moments that the players would play their best.

So, in Saturday’s game, though the men on the field were people who did not have the youthful vigor that the game demands, they nonetheless played their part and as a result, gave their bodies some exercise.

“Too much rough play,” commented Kervin Sebwe, after the end of his game. “Some of the players should know we are practicing for fitness.”

George Solo, who played in the midfield, was good at distributing the ball to his man on the left and the one on the right, like the days when he was much sought after in the national soccer league.

Another player that showed some remarkable performance was Foday Tamba, president of the Liberia Oldtimers National Association (LONA).

Tamba, on the right wing for his side, was a delight to see, especially when he would scamper behind the ball in a struggle to gain control over it.

Such was the occasion as the game went and concluded to be held every Saturday. Today, soccer fans are found at video centers to watch European league, there is still need to rekindle the local game to encourage Liberian players to bounce back to contest for honors in Europe.


  1. So, Omari Jackson,

    The game is called soccer in Liberia. Right? Why is it that we Liberians do not like our own terminology such as: Tarbellah, Football… Instead of soccer how many Liberians know the name soccer?

    The same thing happened to J.J Okocha during the inauguration of President Weah… A journalist asking him about Soccer, JJ Okocha politely said football you mean…You are not even considered a good being in this part of the world…Just reminding you…
    Use your own terminologies and you will be respected…


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