Nimba United Salvages Dented Image


Cameroonian champions, Union Duala, had a God-sent 35 minutes of soccer that they did not overlook.

And with three easy goals wrapped up comfortably in their closet, local idols, Nimba United, playing against the odds, discovered that poor defensive work and an unprepared goalkeeping were their undoing.

And so former Senator Adolphus Dolo left from his seat and offered some tidbits, the truth came out that changes were needed at the backline, including the goalkeeper.

When that was done and the Liberian side, already down 3-0, returned to conclude the final session, the game took on a new dimension.

For the next 45 minutes, the Liberians had the game and dictated the trend. But why did they wait until the damage was done? How did it happen that the technical team could not see the danger as three ‘cheap goals’ went beyond the goalkeeper on three occasions? What was the disconnection that a team playing at home lost touch with reality and just waited for the end to come?

But since President Sirleaf’s presence on the field did not change the trend of the game, in the first 40 minutes, the players coming out in full force to call off Union Duala’s nonsense and put stop to the number of goals was impressive.

It was clear that the Liberian side did not lose any of their artistic and clever handling of the ball that the second half brought out and climaxed with their consolation goal that actually should have been the only goal in the match.

Halting their opponents’ aggression and scoring at least one goal indicated to disappointed soccer fans that something great could come out of Nimba United’s game, if things had not gone against them.

True, the Cameroonians will not be too stupid to lose the opportunity that poor goalkeeping and defense work handed to them on a silver platter and so the only thing that United can do is to get ready to go all out against the Cameroonians. They must sell their brand of soccer and what they did in the second half yesterday, let them run after the ball.

With Liberian teams’ recent exploits in the sub-region, Cameroonians were shocked at the results and after the shock is over, will be waiting for the return leg to complete the victory celebration, already began in Monrovia.

Another impressive show of Nimba United was the fact even when they were down 3-0 they were undaunted and fought for their honor, which they got to get them prepared for the return-leg in Cameroon.


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