Nimba Underestimated Maryland’

Nimba player (in red jersey) .jpg

Nimba County soccer coach Muta Fofana has disclosed that Nimba’s 1-1 draw with Maryland County in the ongoing National County Meet was because his players underestimated Maryland.

Speaking to this newspaper after the game on December 13, he said the Maryland game was not a priority as compared to other teams in their group.

Nimba drew with Maryland County on Sunday which brought disappointment ro Nimbaians who had expected victory.

Prior to the game, the entire city of Sanniquellie was besieged by enthusiastic fans of Nimba County, dancing all night long on the main street of Sanniquellie as they waited for victory.

However, Coach Muta reassured fans that there will be no more joke in their remaining games because the team will win to bring them joy.

“We are sure of defeating the remaining teams to bring joy to our people,” he said.


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