Nimba County to Name Sports Stadium in Honor of Floyd Tomah

Nimba County’s business tycoon Floyd S. Tomah.jpg

Nimba County Superintendent Fong Zuagele has announced that Sanniquellie Sports Stadium will be named in honor of businessman Floyd S. Tomah for his immense contribution to the development and promotion of sports in the county.

Superintendent Zuagele said he has already made the formal recommendation to the Nimba County Council and the decision would be reached during their sitting in June 2016.

He told journalists last Thursday that the naming of the stadium to honor Tomah is also owing to “his massive employment and empowerment of the youths as his way of tackling poverty in the county.”

“Floyd’s love for sports and empowerment has helped the county for over a decade; and through that, most of the youth have acquired either formal or informal education and are able to support themselves and contribute their quota to the community and the county at large,” he said.

Floyd served as chairman of the Nimba County Steering Sports Committee during the county’s double championship wins in 2010 and 2011.He is also the committee’s current chairman.

It was learned that Floyd Tomah provided funds for the building of the Sanniquellie Sports Stadium.

In response, Tomah said the naming of the Sanniquellie Sports Stadium in his honor will encourage him to do more for the county.

“I would be grateful if the Sanniquellie Sports Stadium is named in my honor. I will be impressed and more than happy. It would be like a reward to my efforts,” he said.

Floyd Tomah is the proprietor of the Jungle Water and Group of Investments and Jackie Hotels.


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