Mustapha Raji: Not Distracted on LFA Leadership Campaign

Smiling and confident Mustapha Raji, left and LFA Secretary General Emmanuel Deah

LISCR FC President Mustapha Raji believes he has a debt to Liberian football and despite the crocodile tears of those against his dream, he is determined not to allow their tears to distract his mission.

Last barely had the LFA’s Ordinary Congress begun when a group of people, apparently under the instructions of a ‘candidate’ for the Liberia Football Association’s March elections, stood up at the venue of the Congress and cried out against him, questioning his nationality.

A day after the Congress, I called Mr. Raji and wanted to get his reaction about the brief protest but as remarkable and confident as he is, Raji told me “I’m not distracted on my goal to contest for the LFA presidency.”

In any campaign for elective offices, some opponents, particularly those who may not be seeing their way clear, are quick to throw any dirt and make accusations to make their points clear.

And the sad part is that many of those who don’t see their way clear are misled by their lack of self-confidence to see others as their ‘enemies’ and not their ‘opponents’ pounce on any unrealistic news about their competitors and particularly the one who is the favourite of the people to say anything negative about them.

But the questions are who is behind this ugly campaign against Raji? What does anyone stand to benefit? Why should anyone be comfortable to throw dirt on another candidate in the spirit of fair play? Why has such person (s) forgotten that in the football fraternity, the most effective weapon is unity?

Since some of the contestants or anyone with some abiding interest in the forthcoming LFA Presidential Elections may have realized that the pendulum for victory is swaying on the side of Mustapha Raji, why should they not make subtle offers to work out a way to be recouped in his leadership?

It is obvious that Mustapha Raji, with his good heart and wealth of knowledge in sports administration, is the most likely winner, even before the elections are held, should it not be right for anyone interested to make some alliances with him to work together as one?

True any right-thinking person will do just that. Like a coach sports administrators should possess interesting qualities: they should be disciplined because they would expect that from players and their officials; they should be honest without any form of deceit because they would expect honesty from his officials and others; they should be responsible and let their yes be yes and their no be no, because they would want the youth to follow their example and they should be confident in their dealings with the youth and the government because they would be building life-skills among the youths and want the government, FIFA, CAF and WAFU to trust him with their funds to develop the beautiful game of football.

The Liberian football produced soccer legend now President George Manneh Weah many years ago and yet we have failed to develop players of his caliber. Why? To produce another George Weah will only demand to work together from the grassroots level but only by bringing Liberia’s best brains together as one.

True, there are several candidates for the LFA Presidency but honestly, Mustapha Raji is the toast among them and his success will be good for Liberian football.
Please, give Mustapha a chance by supporting his dream to rescue Liberian football!


  1. Omari Jackson,

    The point most Liberians are making is whether Raji is a Liberian. Is he a Liberian?

    Secondly, when you write and put soccer in your script the audience that is reading it will be thinking wait a minute, is he speaking about football or what?

    Keep to a term that will make sense to your target audience…
    People don`t know what is soccer, they know football, and George Weah played in Europe and there is no other name for football there besides football…


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