Mustapha Kennedy Appointed Manager of Invincible Eleven

Coach Mustapha Kennedy is appointed head coach of Invincible Eleven

Enterprising coach Mustapha Kennedy has been appointed the head coach or manager of Invincible Eleven, with a mandate to take the team to the first division.

Coach Kennedy is charged with the responsibility to ensure that Invincible Eleven moves from the 2nd Division to its proper place in the first division, a mandate that he has accepted, asking the management to provide him with all their support.

The appointment was confirmed yesterday and the information was communicated to the Liberia Football Association (LFA).

Traditionally, Invincible Eleven, known as Sunshine Yellow Boys, and Mighty Barrolle (Kayan Pepper boys) have dictated the trend of Liberian football. However, poor management or the lack thereof,  has affected the two teams as other new teams have taken over their roles.

The situation has caused headaches for IE and Barrolle and their fans; those that play for the two teams are worried about their future.

For now, Invincible Eleven is taking some steps, with the hope that the fans and their prime supporters would join them to give the team the life it deserves.

Presently, former goalkeeper Raymond Moulton has assumed the role of president and other decisions are being considered in order to ensure that IE regains its status in the Liberian football league.

With the appointment of Coach Kennedy Mustapha to handle the playing teams, he knows that the task is not an easy one.

“It is a challenge that I know requires the support of IE fans who want the club to progress to another level,” Coach Mustapha said. “I expect every player on the team to make their own contribution to help the team.”

For starters, Coach Mustapha knows that effective management of the team includes regular monthly pay and per diem that motivates the players at every game, among others.

He is also aware that because of the current cost in managing a team, funds are needed to get the job done. The team needs supplies of jerseys and boots and a cheering squad to keep the players’ spirits high.

“We know our effort to get out of our challenges may be high,” Coach Mustapha said. “But with the commitment from all of us, including the players and the administration, we can make it.”

Coach Mustapha said he will be rolling out a training schedule that should serve to prepare the players for their engagements in the second league.

“The players are enthusiastic to take the team to its proper status, and I am sure that they mean it,” he said. He also knows that to get IE to its proper status on the league, good and creative players are needed.

“It means the IE administration will have to get good players and even buy some,” said an IE fan. The challenge facing Coach Mustapha may be great, but he is hopeful that he will get all the support for an encouraging football campaign that could see IE back in the first division league.


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