Muslim Congress Wins First Kickball Game


Muslim Congress High School defeated St. Samuel High School 14-13 in their first kickball match of the Inter High School League.

Muslim Congress featured Hawa Balde, Fanta Kromah, Assata Keita, Oumu Abass, and Famata Kamara.

The rest were Musu Kromah, Halematu S. Bah, Fatumata M. Sheriff, Mama S. Dico and Assata M. Kamara that give victory to the Congress and fans of the school.

St. Samuel’s High School featured Alicia Tarpeh, Tina Nimely, Nancy Browne, Pauline Brownell, and Princess Makorla.

Others were: Naomi Chelley, Esther Jaffa, Mary Kollie, and Kortu Koffa.


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