Ms. Woodson Promises Grassroots Football if Elected LFA President in April

Ms Rochell Woodson aspires to become President of the Liberia Football Association

By Jallah Amoson

A stalwart of the Liberia Football Association, Madam Rochell G. D. Woodson, has said that despite the challenges in the Association she will do her best to develop sports in the country if elected as president of the LFA at the April 14 elections.

Speaking to journalists over the weekend in Monrovia, she said if she is elected president, she will reunite players from the 15 political sub-divisions of the nation, including high schools, to enable the national football team (Lone Star) be on par with other nations in the sub-region.

Ms. Woodson stressed the need for citizens’ participation in sporting activities in Liberia and noted that for that to happen, there must be good leadership at the LFA that will bring the team to the people that will encourage them to fully partake in what happens to the team.

She said if elected she will make issues of the national teams (U20, U17 and female teams) a priority.

“I will develop and promote female sports in the country because we have talented women who are interested to help us grow women football at all levels,” she said.

According to Madam Woodson, she would approach the development of both male and female football with a holistic plan that will take on grassroots football as her major agenda.

She said she has been an executive committee member of the LFA for eight years and has a wealth of experience that she could use to manage football that would take Liberia to the level of other African nations and even beyond.

“I have acquired enough knowledge on football and I am ready to give all I have as a football administrator to ensure that Liberian football reaches the pinnacle of success,” she said. “I will also take advantage of Liberians in all the counties who are with exceptional talents in sports and bring them to join me to improve the game.”

Madam Woodson said she desires to lead the Liberia Football Association not to enrich herself but ensure that there are resources to assist the first and second division teams and also stressed transparency and accountability in her administration.

She said her administration will make support to players’ academic education key as well as providing them with scholarships to pursue their various academic objectives.

“Sport is one of the gateways to unite a nation through its togetherness, love, peace and giving chance to improving talents and job creation,” she noted.

The Liberia Football Association will have elections on April 14 and there are five candidates, including one female (Ms. Woodson) in the race.

The other candidates are Mr. Musa Shannon, current vice president for administration, Mr. Mustapha Raji, (president of LISCR FC and Gardnersville FC), Mr. Adolphus Dolo (Nimba United), and George Solo.


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