MFA’s Quaye, Sieh Performing to Expectation in Ghana

MFA duo Simeon Quaye and Emmanuel Sieh (White jerseys) with Right to Dream Academy players after training session. (photo credit: George S. Manubah.)

Following their departure to Ghana for a three-week education, football training, and residential life program, two student-athletes, Simeon Quaye and Emmanuel Sieh, are performing to expectation at the Right to Dream Academy, according to Monrovia Football Academy co-founder and director of football, Sekou Manubah.

In an interview with this paper, Director Manubah said Quaye and Sieh have continued to impress administrators and fellow players at the academy since their arrival.

“Quaye and Sieh showed class performance during their first test match and the Scottish Technical Director was impressed; we look forward to seeing more,’ he said.

According to Director Manubah, 11-year-old Quaye came off the bench in his first match and scored a brace in the academy’s 5-3 win against their opponents, while 13-year-old Sieh kept troubling his opponents’ defense with his skills to provide an a assist for one of the goals.

Manubah said based on the players’ performance, he is hopeful of their selection by the Right to Dream Academy. The duo left Liberia on Tuesday, February 6 along with Director Manubah. They were spotted by a Right to Dream scout who attended the international youth tournament held in Abidjan, Cote d’ Ivoire.

Right to Dream is a football academy founded in 1999 by former Manchester United scout Tom Vernon. It was the first football academy of its kind on the African continent, combining quality education with elite football training.


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