MFA to Host Entry, Football Tryouts Saturday

Monrovia Football Academy players before the kickoff of one of their matches at the Blue Field in 2015 (Photo: MFA)

The Monrovia Football Academy (MFA) will host and entry examination and football tryout tomorrow Saturday at the BYC Field in Monrovia, a release said yesterday.

According since MFA creating 2nd grade, the academic performance average of its students has jumped from 68 to 78 percent.

“On the pitch, our top players continue to improve, while some of the less experienced ones have made incredible strides,” the release said.

The release said the MFA is embarking on plans to recruit young soccer players outside Monrovia. According to the MFA since mid-May, they have been recruiting players in communities across Monrovia.

“Thus far, our recruitment has been limited to Monrovia, but in the coming weeks we will expand our search to other counties across Liberia. Many of our current students’ parents have expressed their willingness to house potential candidates from outside of Monrovia, and we want to take advantage of the opportunity to find students in other parts of the country,” the release quoted an MFA official as saying.

June 11 Tryout
The MFA said it will host a one day tryout on Saturday, June 11, as part of its next recruitment exercise with over 500 male and female soccer players.

“We are hosting a one-day tryout at BYC Field and in our classrooms on June 11 for at least 500 boys and girls who will play a 20-minute match of 5v5, and then take an entrance exam comprised of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades test questions, this approach will enable us to assess the students academic ability regardless of their age and previous grade,” the MFA said.

It added, “We will select 60 applicants from both our targeted recruitment and the June 11 tryout for interviews. The interviews will bring the applicants and their parents, which gives us the opportunity to learn more about the applicants and their home environments.”

The MFA noted that after conducting its interviews, a final set of 50 applicants to take part in a one-week MFA camp, to be held from August 15-19.

“This creative addition will enable our staff to see the applicants operating in the MFA system, and most importantly, we will be able to assess academic performance within our classroom environment, allowing us to see the true academic potential of our applicants,” the release said.
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