Medical Assistance for 2 Ailing Coaches


Two ailing football coaches were last Saturday told to take heart because their friends in the United States are thinking of them, “and want to ensure that you get medical treatment for their respective sufferings,” said ex NPA goal-getter, who has been appointed liaison officer of the Liberia Athletes Reunion, (LAR) Jonathan Armah Baxter.

He visited the two ailing coaches in their respective residences in Monrovia.

The first visit was at the Borough of New Kru Town in Monrovia where Baxter, on behalf of the Liberia Athletes Reunion of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA, told ‘Experience’ Sayon Davis, who has been suffering from stroke over the last three years, “I am here on behalf of your friends in the USA to see what can be done to get proper medication for your sickness.”

He told Davis that news of his illness has reached his friends, who were former play-mates and team-mates and they want to provide him some initial assistance for him to get medical help. The initial amount that he has received, he said is meant only for him to seek medical assistance.

Baxter told him that his visit was to identify a health facility to let him begin treatment this Wednesday.

“I am glad that my friends in the USA never forgot me and I’m grateful for their remembrance,” Davis responded. Davis has limited use of his legs. He finds it extremely difficult to move from one place to another but he said he is hopeful that with support from those who cared, God could work miracles in his life.

Baxter concluded an arrangement with Mr. Isaac Wreh, who has been a pillar of support and who described his role as a protocol officer, to Mr. Davis to identify a health center, possibly on Bushrod Island.

Baxter’s second visit was at the Block 13 Community near the ELWA Market where Mr. Joker Wreaker was met with his wife and representatives of Block 13, including its chairman Warcee Gbogba.

Chairman Gbogba explained that the community provides moral and material to support to “Coach Joker because we do it to identify with him.”

Joker said his problem is about his left arm that he has limited use of, through what he said is ‘gowa’ on his foot that needs to heal.

Baxter agreed that the ELWA Hospital could be the first option for Mr. Wreaker and by Wednesday, a formal visit will be done to get him started.

The Liberia Athletes Reunion is headed ex Invincible Eleven player Ahmadu Sarnor as its chairman. Members include former Liberian athletes domiciling in the United States, Canada and Europe. The membership includes both former basketballers and footballers.

The organization invites Liberian athletes in different disciplines to its yearly reunion, two of which were held in the United States. It intends to work with all organizations that represent former national team players. The Former National Team Players Association, which is headed by Mr. Washington Blay is set to hold discussions with LAR liaison officer Baxter to be able to work with the LAR in its future programs in Liberia.


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