Malaysia Based Players Climax League Season

Liberia International striker Patrick Wleh of PKNS in Malaysia (photo Credit: PKNS)

Four Liberian football players plying their professional football career in Malaysia last Saturday climaxed the 2017 Malaysian league season after featuring for their various clubs.

Though none of the four players’ clubs were fortunate to win the league title, players Zah Krangar of Felda United, Francis Grandpa Doe of Selangor, Patrick Wleh of PKNS and Kpah Sherman of MISC were vital in their team’s performances.

Zah Krangar’s Felda United finished in the third position after 22 league games. Felda United had an appalling start of the season managing to secure four points from their first five games. After collecting 11 points from the first half of the league season, Krangar’s club bounced back in the second half of the season to win nine of their remaining 11 matches.

The 32-year-old Liberian midfielder made 20 league appearances and scored three goals; helping the club to finish in the 3rd position, with 39 points out of 22 league games. Krangar, who scored eight goals in the previous league campaign, registered his final league goal of the season after his club defeated compatriot Patrick Wleh’s PKNS 4-2 at the Stadium Shah Alam in Shah Alam.

“Thank you Lord for the conclusion of another Malaysian football season.” – Zah Krangar (Photo Credit: Felda United)

Krangar posted on his Facebook page, “Thank you Lord for the conclusion of another Malaysian’s football season. To the faithful fans, coaching staff, the administrative staff of Felda United you are the real deal! To my teammates, thanks a million for all we have done in oneness, fighting for one another throughout the season. Not forgetting my fan base in Liberia, the world over and on all social media platforms, your prayers and words of encouragement have played a huge part in my progress. Thank you all! Family time next.”

It was a difficult season for Krangar’s compatriot Patrick Wleh after his team ended the season in the 7th position with 25 points out of seven draws and six wins. Wleh, 27, netted eight goals out of 20 appearances. Similar to Zah Krangar’s final league goal, Wleh scored his last goal against his compatriot Francis Doe’s side and his former club Selangor.

Wleh joined PKNS from Selangor on December 31, 2016, where he slotted home nine goals in 19 appearances.

After playing his final match of the season, Wleh via his official Facebook page, thanked his fans and supporters for their support during the season. “Another journey has come to an end, thanks to everyone that supported me and my team throughout the 2017 season. It was truly incredible with the support of the staff and my teammates, also the beautiful fans of PKNS FC that stood by us through the stormy weather. You guys were amazing. You never gave up! You never surrendered! Together we are stronger!”

Also in the Malaysian Super League, striker Francis Grandpa Doe netted eight goals in 18 appearances for Selangor after the team climaxed the season with 33 points; placing them in the 6th position.

Doe, 31, after adding 15 goals to his name for Felda United in the 2016 league season when the team finished as runners-up, returned to Selangor in December of 2016. Doe earlier played for Selangor in 2013 after he scored 10 goals to help the team end the season as runners-up in the 2013 league season.

In the Malaysian Premier League, Liberian international Kpah Sherman, who joined Malaysian Indians Sports Council (MISC) during the second half of the season, helped the team to escape relegation after finishing in the 10th position with a 7-goal difference above the relegated ATM.

Despite joining the team in the latter stage of the season, Sherman managed to score seven goals out of eight appearances.


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