LNOC Must Not Embarrass Liberia Again!

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The Liberia National Olympic Committee committed one of the most disappointing and unpardonable mistakes in its poor supervision of an athlete for the last Olympic Games in Great Britain.

The LNOC made a determination to approve an athlete for the London Olympic Games when that particular athlete did not have the training to represent Liberia in that tournament.

The embarrassment to Liberia was that the country made poor use of a quota to send a wrong and unprepared athlete to the London Olympic Games.

The fallback was the temporary ban on international participation on all minor sports by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Sadly, the circle appears to have repeated itself. LNOC Executive Member Boie Corvah is crying for UD90, 000.00 to help two boxers (Joseph Kollie and Bill Konah both 17), along with Swimmers, track and table tennis athletes for the 2nd African Youth Games in Botswana from May 22-31, 2014.

Officials at the LNOC are aware that there has never been a boxing or a swimming competition in Liberia for the last two years. How does the LNOC select its athletes for a tournament?

The fiasco at the recent London Games is still fresh and it was exactly what happened that led to the national disgrace.

When was the last time a table tennis tournament was held in Liberia? There has been the annual President’s Cup with the Chinese Embassy, but can a champion from a yearly but one time tournament qualified enough to represent Liberia at the 2nd African Youth Games?

The only organization worthy of consideration the Liberian Track and Field Association because track athletes recently participated in the annual county meet.

Chief of Mission Corvah and his LNOC should not put Liberia in another disgrace. At this writing, the Liberia Boxing Association does not have a ring to hold bouts. And as a result none of its athletes are ready for any competition abroad.

Same goes for the Liberia Swimming Association and to a lesser extent the Liberia Table Tennis Association. It is unfair to send poorly prepared athletes to represent Liberia in the 2nd African Youth Games in Botswana.

Youth and Sports Minister Eugene Nagbe should prevent another disgrace and there must be a better supervision of sporting organizations and their athletes before encouraging foreign competitions.


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