LNHA Boss Appeals to GOL for Adequate Support


The President of the Liberia National Handball Association (LNHA), Mason Sawler, wants the Ministry of Youth & Sports to increase financial allotment to his association due to its national development interest.

He told the Daily Observer in an interview over the weekend that US$3,000 that is allotted annually for the development of handball throughout the nation is inadequate.

“Handball is gaining interest throughout the schools in the country and therefore we want the government to look into our appeal so that we can be able to make handball a national sport,” he said.

Sawler suggested to the Ministry of Youth & Sports that financial allotment to sporting organizations should depend on which sport is doing better in its development.

“There are minor sports that don’t get heard of,” he said, “and there are others that are gaining nation-wide attention throughout the schools, like handball.

“This suggests that handball’s allotment should be reviewed and finally increased because we are going nationwide; and US$3,000 is not enough,” he said.

Sawler said the projection for the 2016-17 fiscal year for his organization is US$2,100.

He noted that the government should let the ministries and agencies fund the Inter-Ministerial League, which the government allocated US$10,497 for a single tournament in the same period.

“The inter-ministerial league is simply for exercise purposes and the government should not be spending US$10,000 for it,” Sawler said.

According to an allotment document, a copy that is with the Daily Observer, the Liberian government provided US$2,249 to the Liberia Volleyball Association to develop the game in the 2014-25 fiscal year.

During the same period, the Liberia Swimming Federation was allocated US$2,249 to cover its programs and the Liberia Kickball Federation also got the same amount.

The National Para-Olympic Federation that little is known about was allotted US$7,498 and Tae Kwon Do Federation was also allotted US$4,249.

Besides the national soccer team, Lone Star (US$500,000), the Liberia Basketball Federation got US$56,232 in the 2014-15 fiscal year.

Although the Liberia Boxing Association (LBA) has not put up a bout in more than four years, it receives US$3,000 every year.


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