LISCR Unification Cup Round Up

Freeport FC goalkeeper Aaron Teah airlifted by fans after saving three consecutive penalties against FC Bea Mountain image: Anthony Kokoi

There have been several favorable and unfavorable results since the start of the inaugural edition of the ongoing LISCR Unification Cup at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

Beginning with yesterday’s fixtures, Liberia’s two traditional clubs — Invincible Eleven and Mighty Barrolle — suffered defeats.

It was Liberia’s darling club Invincible Eleven who suffered the first defeat of the day when they were pinned 1-0 by third division side Junior Pro.

Barrolle later followed their rivals and conceded a 2-1 defeat against 10-men LPRC Oilers. Winners Junior Pro and LPRC Oilers will face off in their next encounter. In Tuesday’s fixtures, first division side Jubilee FC pinned second division Gardnersville FC 1-0 to advance to the next level of the tournament.

Jubilee’s lone goal came in the 17th minute after Jimmy Gray perfectly controlled a cross from the left flank. The forward used his knack to beat a defender in the penalty area before slamming in his left-footed effort to decide the match winner.
Gardnersville best chances to level the scores came in the second half when they kept the ‘Church Boys’ on their back-foot, but failed to convert their chances.

Later in Tuesday’s second match, Margibi based Tony FC secured their second victory and proved supreme as they defeated Indian Based All-Stars 2-0. A goal apiece from Bangalee Kromah and Aaron Hallie in each half sent the second division side to the next round.

Both Tony FC and Indian Based All-Stars won their first match against GAC FC and Watanga FC respectively in the opening day. Tony FC will now face Jubilee FC in their next encounter on Friday, June 1.

On Monday, Monrovia Club Breweries recovered from their 1-0 defeat against FC Bea Mountain in the ‘Blue Cup’ and knocked out 2017 first division league runners-up FC Fassell.

Although there were doubts over the existence of Fassell, after the club sold ninety percent of their old players, the ‘Soccer Missionaries’ returned to the pitch with a new breed of players that were impressive against Breweries in their opening match of the tournament, but were unable to secure a win.

Breweries will go against Freeport FC in their next fixture.

Later on Monday, it was an entertaining encounter between FC Bea Mountain and Freeport FC — two newly-promoted second division sides- after Freeport FC knocked out the ‘Blue Cup’ champions 3-0 in post-match penalties.

Three consecutive brilliant saves made by Aaron Teah helped Freeport advanced to the next level of the tournament.
In tomorrow’s fixtures Barrack Young Controllers will be hoping to bounce back from their 3-0 humiliation against Muscat FC in the ‘Blue Cup’ when they face first division counterparts Keitrace FC, while host team LISCR FC will go against newly-promoted first division side Small Town FC.


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