–than Counterparts from Nigeria, Sierra Leone

Amid reports that two teenage Liberian athletes underperformed at the World Cross Country Championships in Kampala, Uganda, the head of Liberia’s delegation, Coach Samuel Cooper, has said that the Liberians performed better than their Nigerian and Sierra Leonean counterparts.

In an interview in Monrovia, Cooper said among the three West African countries – Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, at the competition, Liberia and Sierra Leone had two athletes each (a male and female) while Nigeria had nine (four males and five females).

Coach Cooper said Liberia’s Lucy Massaquoi finished 93rd place with a time of 27:41 and Andrew Kpehe finished 96th place with a time of 30:14 in their respective events.

He said Nigerian athletes finished their races as follows: Unity Amos finished 87th place with a time of 42:48; Obileor Lorine finished 92nd place with a time of 45:21; Hannah Adewale finished 94th place with a time of 46:09; Rose Lange finished 95th place with a time of 47:48; Naomi Yucatan did not finish the race; and Husamatu Sanusi finished 116th.

The remaining Nigerian athletes included Nanribet Raymondville finished 112th; Danjuma Stephen, 126th place; and Awal Gochin, 129th.

He indicated that for the Sierra Leoneans, female athlete Asatu Turay finished 95th place with a time of 29:31 and male athlete Alusine Gbao finished 125th place with a time of 36:27.

“There were many athletes from other countries that didn’t finish the race, but Liberia’s two athletes reached the finish line,” Coach Cooper said.

Meanwhile, the vice president of the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF), Frederick Krah, has commended the two athletes for their participation and said their runs have been recorded as the best in the sub-region.


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