Liberia Marathon Postponed until 25th January, 2015


The Liberia Marathon Trust, the governing body of the Liberia Marathon, has announced the annual marathon scheduled for 31st August this year is postponed until 25th January 2015 in light of the current health crisis.

The Liberia Marathon Trust sought and received expert advice from the medical authorities – including the Marathon Medical Committee and members of the Ebola Response Team – and after consulting with key race partners and sponsors a postponement until January 2015 was determined to be in the best interests of the public.

Race Director Ms. Eunice Dahn, said: “We have closely monitored the increase and spread of the Ebola virus, and the tragic loss of life in Liberia and neighboring countries.  We are saddened by all the lives lost and extend our deepest sympathies to the victims’ families.”

She noted: “The rising number of confirmed Ebola related deaths and infections has reached unacceptable levels, and the risk to the marathon participants is too high. This postponement will allow time to deal completely with the crisis and eliminate any risk to participants of the marathon.”

“The safety of runners and staff is our first priority. Everyone associated with the event can rest assured that this postponement will not detract from the impact and value of the event, but protect that value and all involved,” she added.

The organizers said the race has only been postponed and not cancelled, and all registrations made to date will remain valid. The organizers also announced the postponement of all training sessions currently ongoing at the SKD Sport Complex Stadium. In the mean time, registration for the Marathon will continue at the various registration points.

Ms Dahn added: “We are calling on everyone living in the confines of the country to be cautious and take preventive measures as advised by the Ministry of Health.  Stay safe,” a press release yesterday said.


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