Liberia in World Athletics Junior Championship in the US

United States based Liberian athlete_web.jpg

A US based Liberian athlete, Wellington Zaza, is representing Liberia in the 2014 World Junior Championship in Eugene, USA, the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF) has said.

The Junior Championship began on Tuesday, July 22 to conclude on Sunday, July 27, 2014.

According to LAF’s vice president for technical Affairs, Frederick Krah, the 3-man delegation is headed by Fatima Mohammed (a retired Liberian female Olympian).

Athlete Zaza achieved his entry into the World Junior Championship by running 14:00 and 52:56 Seconds in both the 110m/400m respectively; times above the minimum standards (14:64 and 53:30 seconds) requirement for the competition.

According to a release from the LAF secretariat, the trip is sponsored by Dr. Grace-Ann Dinkins, a philanthropist and three-time Liberian Olympian.

Meanwhile, Zaza emerged third in last Tuesday’s event in the 110m amongst eight nationals, with US and German athletes Theophile Viltz and Patrick Elger surfacing first and second respectively.

Zaza’s third place qualified him to the semifinals of the 110m and is the only African. The semi-final was on up to press time yesterday. Wellington Zaza was born on January 20, 1995. He is 19.


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