–Ex Goalie Lucretius Togba attends CAF’s 1st Goalkeeping Coaching Course May 5-8

The technical director at the Liberia Football Association, Mr. Henry Brown, is in Cameroon attending a one–week (April 24-30) Confederation of Africa (CAF) Elite A Pro License Course.

CAF Pro License is the highest coaching qualification and follows the completion of CAF “C”, “B” and “A” Licenses.
Pro A Licenses are awarded to coaches who manage top level teams in the various national soccer leagues on the continent and they are also awarded to coaches of professional first division clubs.

Such a license is now required by CAF for coaches in the CAF interclub Competition and therefore the qualification is mandatory for coaches to have for their management of clubs at top levels of the league.

In a related development, former Lone Star and St. Joseph’s Warriors goalkeeper, now turned goalkeeping coach, Lucretius Togba, has qualified to attend the first CAF Coaching Course for Goalkeeping Instructors.

Coach Togba holds a CAF License B License.

The 4-day event will also be held from May 5-8 in Cameroon for both English and French speaking countries in Africa.

According to a release from the LFA, only coach Togba qualified among “all the goalkeeping trainers examined by the LFA.”

Coach Togba, with many years of service to football, has worked for first division clubs and the national soccer team, Lone Star, and has a previous qualification of attendance in a CAF coaching for goalkeepers.

Like the CAF License A, certificates from the CAF Goalkeeping Course would provide Coach Togba the opportunity to train local coaches as a professional, or may ply his trade elsewhere on the continent.

Liberia can now boast of having three CFA qualified coaching professionals that are working to develop the game. They are Henry Brown, J. Kaetu Smith, and CAF Education Officer Francis Tamba.

After his return, it is expected that football clubs would engage Coach Togba to assist their goalkeepers in developing their skills to improve league matches of the Liberia Football Association.


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