LFA: New Club License System for 2014/15 Season


The Liberia Football Association (LFA), is expected to introduce the Club License System in the first division league in the 2014/15 league.

The Club License System (CLS) also called ‘The Criteria Document’ is expected to be inserted in the new rules and regulations to govern the League.

President Musa Bility, despite the fact that it might be too early to sound the caveat, made the astonishing announcement during a meeting with 1st division’s club executives, which was received with mixed feelings.

Stakeholders who begged for anonymity told the Daily Observer yesterday that president Bility told them that the “New Rules and Regulations” are meant to carryout CAF’s mandate.

Accordingly, high on the criteria is for first division teams to undertake a youthful program, having two feeder teams, 8-14 years and 15-17 years; a bank account in either US or Liberian dollars; a qualified doctor, and holder/co-possessor of a playing pitch amongst others.

However, the stakeholders later told sports journalist that though some of them could meet up with some of the criteria, the administration should seek help from the national government, along with corporate sponsorship of the clubs.

They indicated that if companies will adopt teams in the national league through their corporal social responsibility, the criteria would not be an issue.

“It will also erase the traditional practice in which one person provides financial and material support to clubs they owned,” a spokesman said.

“The football house should look into the idea of encouraging corporate Liberia to become partners with the LFA,” the stakeholders said.

They added: “Financial and material support to the adoption of teams as their corporate social responsibility should paramount.”

Elaborating further on the issue Secretary General  Alphonso Armah said the CLS is intended to standardize clubs in the topflight league.

“It will be in accordance to CAF’s rules and regulations on Club participation in member leagues across the continent,” he said.

Another LFA source told the Daily Observer that the Criteria Document will be embedded in the rules, and regulations, and thought they would be challenging, that are attainable.

“Clubs would apply for participation and the application will be assessed by a team comprising of the technical department to ensure that clubs conform to the requirements,” he said.


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