LFA Must Lead Name-Change Campaign


Recent articles in the Daily Observer by Mr. Omari Jackson questioning the right of the Lonestar Phone Company to use “Lone Star” as a trade name is unfortunate and sad that a Sports’ Writer operating under “shekels” sponsorship would select to veer into territory he has limited knowledge about and would select to irresponsibly incite the public to take up arms against the Phone Company that has contributed and continues to contribute immensely to the growth and development of this Country.” Mr. Jackson might need to consult the legal team of his institution or his editorial board to seek guidance on proprietary rights.

Where was Mr. Jackson when Sr. Executives of Cellcom at a press briefing demanded sports’ writers not to call the Lone Star National Soccer Team by its original name, but instead refer to the Team as the “National Team” after the win over Tunisia; only because any reference made would have been promoting the rival Lonestar Cell Company? The President of the Press Union of Liberia, Mr. Abdullai Kamara, must be hailed and commended for his open defiance to the request and challenged the members of the Union not to honor the request.

Mr. Jackson would be promoting journalistic justice if he selects to write on issues affecting sports and its monetary contributions to the Liberian economy and not be blindsided by the largesse of individuals with bad intentions against any phone company in the industry. Mr. Jackson will do his profession a great service if he selects to request for review a copy of the contract between the LFA and Cellcom, establishing the financial contributions to sports development in the Country. The Lone Star National Soccer Team’s Jersey colors have always been less red, more white and blue since forever; does Mr. Jackson know why the Lone Star National Soccer Team wears the all dominant Mighty Barrolle’s red today? Cellcom’s insistence!!!!

According to confirmed Government of Liberia sources, Lonestar Cell is still the highest tax paying phone entity, the highest Liberian phone employing entity and the most dominant phone entity in its corporate social responsibility deliverables. Besides, Lonestar is a Proud Liberian Company with Liberian and foreign shareholders, who invested during tough times, when no investor was willing to take the risk and will be here for many years to come.

Where is Mr. Jackson when his shekels sponsors’ network casts, act in the most unprofessional manner, with extremely provoking and degrading commercials; raining insults on the radio and TVs in their advertisement and promotions at Lonestar; the names’ calling, the yellow chickens, the copy cats and the crybabies; Lonestar will continue to tread the lines of a corporate institution, live above the fray and maintain its good commercial postures and values in this suppressed market.

In the last seven years, June has been the month for giving back to various communities around the country. Lonestar in its “21 Days of Y’ello Care” provides volunteer services in some communities around the country for 21 days. Last year, Lonestar visited five schools in five communities around Monrovia and Marshall, repairing, painting, cleaning, teaching and making personal financial contributions to worthy causes. Since its founding, Lonestar has invested over US$10 million in its corporate social responsibility initiatives; in health, education, infrastructure rehabilitation, social welfare and sports.

It will be a good thing for the future and in the spirit of good and balanced journalism, if Mr. Jackson of the Daily Observer and others would seek the views of aggrieved parties, before going to press.


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