Sinoe Hits with Double Protests


Rivercess and Gbarpolu Counties have protested against Sinoe County for the fielding of an ‘ineligible player’ in the ongoing Group D preliminary rounds in Greenville, Sinoe County.

The two counties complained that striker Boye Bailey played in the First Division League for Exodus FC in 2007 in the Liberia Football Association (LFA) league, which contradicts the rules and regulations governing the 2013/201 National County Meet.

Article XII, Section 14.9 says: “Absolutely, no former or current registered player of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) First Division shall be permitted to participate in the National County Meet.”

The Sports Coordination of Rivercess County, Evan B. Somah told the Daily Observer yesterday that the protest was filed at about 1:10pm on Wednesday, after their 2-1 defeat to Sinoe.

The head coach of Gbarpolu County, Stephen Momo, stated: “We have also already paid the non-refundable fee of L$7,000 and we pray the MYS to give due diligence to the protest.”

The head coach of Montserrado County, Bra Dixon confirmed that Boye Bailey played for Exodus FC, when the team was in the 2nd division, but claimed he did not play when the team qualified for the 1st division in 2007.

“Boye Bailey isn’t a first division player,” Coach Dixon, alias ‘Skill’ said.

Meanwhile, the head of delegation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, ORD Kareem Nyanneh said the preliminary hearing was held on Wednesday and the final hearing was expected to be released yesterday evening.

“We have conducted the preliminary hearing and hope to come up with the final hearings Thursday evening,” Mr. Nyanneh said.

Many sports fanatics are wondering about what the head of delegation of MYS in Sinoe will do with the protest fee, in the tone of L$14,000; caution cards, which is probably about L$10,000 and the 25% from each game-intake, which is now over L$13,000.


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