Oilers Dump NPA in 4th Week Clash


Oilers Dump NPA in 4th Week Clash

Coach Jerry Anderson of NPA-Anchors blamed his boys for not keeping the ball on the ground. The players tried to match their opponents, Oilers, boot to boot in the air and lost 2-1 in the 4th round league match at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium last Wednesday.

“That’s the game,” Anderson, said consoling himself, but he was particularly not happy when one of his leading defenders was red carded for intentionally striking a player.

That the ‘sensational’ LPRC-Oilers were ready to claim the maximum points was clear when striker George Kerkula made his intentions known, when he struck the opener few minutes after the game was in progress.

Oilers, who had beaten LISCR FC 1-0 on the same field, set the pace and their opponents followed suit.

“NPA-Anchors just played like their opponents,” a soccer fan told the Daily Observer, “they should have played their own game in their own pace.”

As Oilers’ coach Jimmy Ledlow directed his boys from the torch-line, they responded in kind and managed to hold their opponents at bay; Which was not for too long, for the Anchors’ through Martin Mulbah found the equalizer before the end of the half.

Both teams made nonsense of set-pieces, as direct and corner kicks were all wasted. However, Oilers proved more adventurous as their strikers, led by George Kerkula led raids upon raids into the Anchors half of the field and kept their goalkeeper firmly busy.

“It was like a rocket attack,” said another fan of the Anchors.

Which was true, for George Kerkula, playing a good game continued to torment the NPA-Anchors defense and he was rewarded with another goal in the second half to raise the tally to 2-1.

The Anchors made several attempts to rise to the occasion but it was the Oilers who proved purposeful and even had two off-side goals.

Though prodded on by a team of drum-beaters, who entertained the field with songs of courage, the Anchors for losing, did not apparently hear the encouraging songs.

The 4th week matches also provided some fascinating results: Red Lions FC, formerly Fatu FC, punished Mamie Kpoto’s strong willed Keitrace FC 3-0 at the Blue Field, near the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

The results were remarkable since under their old name, Red Lions FC lost three previous games.

At the D. Twe sports pitch, Monrovia Breweries narrowly defeated Ganta Black Star 1-0 and troubled Mighty Blue Angels lost 1-2 to Watanga FC.

LISCR FC defeated Invincible Eleven 2-0 at the Kakata’s Nancy B. Doe Sports Stadium.

Jubilee FC and BYC settled to a goalless draw match at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.


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