NPA-Anchors, I. E in Mid-week 5th Round Encounter Today

A hard-running NPA striker.jpg

What is the most attracting thing between this afternoon’s first match at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium is that the two teams lost their last league in the 4th round.

NPA-Anchors lost 2-1to Oilers and Invincible Eleven lost 2-0 to LISCR and with the defeats still behind them, they will each try to change their stories at the end of what is expected to be a gruelling 90 minutes play.

While Invincible Eleven lost at the Nancy B. Dos Sports Stadium in Kakata, NPA-Anchors lost their match at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

So in a sense, the Anchors will be returning to the same field that they were defeated, while Invincible Eleven does not have any immediate past discomfort about the field.

That aside, both teams are not strangers to the Antoinette Tubman Stadium and that suggests that both teams should be sufficiently prepared for what they hope to achieve. That is if they play well and make use of their chances.

This suggests that while preparation is key to a team’s success, what is important is how effective players up front make use of chances, which are most often not real failures, but the inabilities of defenders to opponents’ attempts under control.

And of course, a player must be well prepared, which means he must be sufficiently conditioned to respond to opponents’ attacks that are built from the midfield.

An important drawback in the current league that I have observed is the lack of key players who are able to take the ball into their opponents’ dangerous area or the 18-yard zone, and at the same time scoring.

Until such players are found, team-work, building from the midfield and moving to the wings and connecting in the 18-yard box seems the most effective method.

It was interestingly that it was the only effective method that earned Nimba United FC the lone goal against BYC ll in their last match at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, when Sunnyboy Dolo found himself with the ball and with only goalkeeper Jalloh to beat.


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