LFA Cellcom League Round 9 Heats Up Today

BYC in match readiness; NPA-Anchors .jpg

Round 9 of the LFA Cellcom Division One soccer league continues this afternoon at five centers with pairings that are expected to improve the chances of teams who will show much aggression at scoring goals.

The matches start at the Blue Field with BYC FC taking on Ganta Black Star at 4p.m. In their own backyard, expect BYC to teach the Ganta boys some lessons in soccer. 

At 3p.m. at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium today, league leaders Invincible Eleven will clash with Monrovia Club Breweries in a match that will decide whether the Yellow Boys can maintain their hold on the league.

Invincible Eleven’s president Sam Gibson will be in full attendance, along with board chairman Eugene Shannon to provide the needed encouragement to the boys to grab the points needed to keep the team’s hold on the top as they masterminded the victory over LPRC-Oilers last week.

“Every game is another formation,” President Gibson told reporters after their narrow 1-0 victory over LPRC-Oilers. Now playing at their favorite venue, Breweries will have to fight with all their strength.

At 5p.m. at the same venue, Jubilee FC will settle scores with Mighty Blue Angels. Angels are not blue and it is not sure whether that is the reason this particular team is not making much progress in the league.

Perhaps, some football agents can make a move to Ghana to make sure some football hungry investors are on the lookout for a team to promote. At least someone close to Red Lions could be of great help of the management of Mighty Angels wants to consider such an option.

LPRC-Oilers will play in Cape Mount against Keitrace FC at 4p.m. The Oilers stumbled against Invincible Eleven in their last match and will likely not allow another misfortune to come their way. Keitrace FC’s Mamie Kpoto will be yelling herself hoarse at the end of the game, if things don’t go her way.

Watanga will clash with NPA-Anchors in Harbel and name changers, Red Lions will meet LISCR FC at the Nancy B. Doe Sports Stadium in Kakata. Coach Jerry Johnson’s Anchors are determined to make a name but whether Watanga can prevent them is what soccer fans will be asking themselves.


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