‘Court Injunction’ Hangs over County Meet

Mr. Jango Kanneh displays Boye Bailey’s first division card.jpg

The head of delegation of Gbarpolu County sports team, Jango Kanneh has threatened to file a ‘Writ of Injunction’ this week on the football edition of the County Meet against an unsatisfactorily ruling, which was handed down by the Dionysius Sebwe’s Appeal Committee.

Mr. Kanneh said the verdict of the ‘Appeal’s Committee’ to fine Sinoe County football team the amount of US$500 for fielding an illegal player, Boye Bailey, is unfavorable.

He said according to Article 14.9; “Absolutely no former or current registered player of the LFA’s first division league shall be permitted to participate in the National County Sports Meet.”

Article 14:19 states that “Any player found guilty of ineligibility shall be expelled from the tournament and recommended for suspension for two (2) years from his/her association/federation organized league, and player’s county shall forfeit the points.”

Mr. Kanneh said they were “disappointed and frustrated” for the Sebwe’s committee to only fine Sinoe County US$500.

“We want a replay of the match for peace sake or we will go to Court to file a writ of injunction on the football edition of the County Meet,” Mr. Kanneh said.

A member of the Appeal’s Committee, who begged anonymity, told the Daily Observer that the decision to fine Sinoe County is in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the tournament.

He said according to the rules, if the complaint is in procedural error but has documents to pin an illegible player, with a fine.

According to the source, the procedural error is the failure for the complaint/protest team to file a protest or complaint immediately after the game, counter-signed by the opposing team’s captain.

“Instead the protest was filed two days after the game, and that’s a procedural error,” the source said. “If there is a procedural error Article 14:20 comes into play.”

“If the ineligibility is discovered after the game has been played, the team of the ineligible player shall be fined Five Hundred United States Dollars (US500.00).”

Meanwhile, the Bong County Volley team has filed a ‘petition for declaratory judgment’ against Deputy Sports Minister Dionysius Sebwe, Assistant Sports Minister Murvee Gray and Sports Director Navarro Saykie.

According to the writ of summons, the three senior sports officials are expected to appear before the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court on the 16th of January, before his Honor Peter W. Gbeneweleh.

However, for the quarter-finals, which are expected to begin on the 12th of January, Counties qualified are: Bassa, Grand Kru, Bong, and Montserrrado. The remaining Counties include Lofa, Grand Cape Mount, Nimba and Sinoe.

Meanwhile, for the volley edition, Counties already qualified for the quarterfinals are: Bomi, Bassa, Sinoe, Montserrado and Maryland. Other Counties are Cape Mount, Nimba and Margibi; while for the basketball, quarter-finals Counties are: Bomi, Bong, Margibi, Sinoe and Bassa and the remaining Counties are Montserrado, Cape Mount and Rivercess .


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