County Meet: Montserrado Dropped, G. Gedeh In


A fist-exchange scene almost broke out on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Youth and Sports Ministry at the SKD Sports Complex following the loss of protests by Gbarpolu, Monsterrado and Sinoe sports officials.

There were heated arguments, trading of insults and anti-peace slogans among officials from the three counties.

Sinoe County

Sinoe won the football protest against Gbarpolu County, but the Greenville boys lost the basketball complaint to Nimba County for the fielding three 1st division players.

The Eugene Nagbe’s Appeal Committee is said to base its judgment in accordance with Article 14.13, which states: “Each county shall register not more than two (2) players from the first division in basketball and not more than three from the Liberia Basketball Association’s Second Division.”

But some Sinoe officials, including Development Superintendent Thomas Romeo Quiah said the ruling was twisted to get political favor.

Maryland and Montserrado

The underdog of Group 2, Maryland County, also lost her protest to Grand Gedeh for the fielding foreign player, Player Hassan Kromah.

Grand Gedeh’s gain from the protest automatically qualified them for the quarterfinals on goal-difference, instead of Montserrado.

Montserrado’s Superintendent and chairman of the Steering Committee, Florence Brandit and Aliou Bah described the result as match-fixing, but the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and the Secretary General of the Appeals Board, Deputy Sports Minister Dionysius Sebwe said the allegation is “complete nonsense” because the board has credible people.

He named members on the board as Minister Eugene Nagbe, Chairman, Deacon Chuchu Holton and Professor Wilson Tarpeh.

Other members are Gender Minister Julia Duncan Cassell (represented by Smith Toby), Internal Affairs (represented) Mr. Elliot Odoorh, Cllr. Charles Karmon (represented by Atty. Gertor Pate) and Dionysius Sebwe (Secretary General).


Earlier on Tuesday,  Gbarpolu County sports team had threatened to file a ‘Writ of Injunction’ this week on the football edition against what it described as, “unsatisfactory ruling.”

Mr. Jango Kanneh said the verdict to fine Sinoe County football team US$500 for fielding an illegal player, Boye Bailey, was wrong.

But Deputy Minister Dionysius Sebwe said the decision to fine Sinoe County is in accordance with Article 14:20 of the Rules and Regulations.

The former Lone Star left back said, according to the rule, if the complaint is a procedural error and there is an obvious breach, which he called ‘adaptive amendment’  the Committee has the right to only fine the county.

Article 14:20 states: “If the ineligibility is discovered after the game has been played, the team of the ineligible player shall be fined US$500.00.”

Bong County

One of the defendants in the Bong County Volleyball team, Deputy Minister Dionysius Sebwe said their lawyers are working on the petition for ‘declaratory judgment’ against him, Assistant Sports Minister Murvee Gray and Sports Director Navarro Saykie.

According to the writ of summons, the three senior sports officials are expected to appear before the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court on the 16th of January, before his Honor Peter W. Gbeneweleh.


Assistant Sports Minister V. Murvee Gray and Sports Focus Person ORD Kareem Nyanneh are likely to be banned from administrating or supervising activities in the County Meet for years.

The Appeal’s Committee has recommended to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to punish the two.

It said the two unprofessionally handled the protest in their respective counties during the preliminary hearing.


Meanwhile, the quarter-final of the four editions in the 2013/2014 National County Meet is expected to resume on Sunday, the 12th of January at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex, if a ‘Writ of Injunction’ is not filed this week on the football edition, by Gbarpolu County.

In the kickball version, Gbarpolu faces Grand Kru beginning 12:00p.m, while Margibi will play Montserrado County.

Nimba is expected to engage Grand Kru County in football, at 4:00p.m, while Grand Gedeh will lock horns with Lofa County in the second derby.

On the same day in volleyball, at the gymnasium at Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex Nimba faces Grand Bassa and Grand Cape Mount meets Maryland County.

The basketball games will follow and Nimba will engage Grand Bassa and Margibi will play Montserrado.

On Monday, the last quarter-finals battle will bring to the fore Bong and Grand Cape Mount; Bassa and Nimba in kickball, while Bong and defending champ Grand Cape Mount as well as Grand Bassa and Sinoe will clash in football.

On the same day, in volleyball, Nimba faces Grand Bassa and Grand Cape Mount meets Maryland County.

Following that Montserrado will battle Margibi and Bomi meets Sinoe in volleyball, while in basketball, Bong faces Grand Cape Mount and Bomi rubs shoulders with Rivercess.


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