Launch of Tennis Education in 4 Schools

Coach Alfred Kandakai, the Technical Director, speaks to the students, as President Clarence L. Simpson, III, and other coaches look on.

The Liberia Tennis Federation (LTF) has launched ‘Tennis Education’ in four high schools, known as ‘Schools Tennis Initiative (STI)’ on Friday, November 24.

The initiative was simultaneously launched over the weekend at BW Harris, St. Peter’s Lutheran and Philip Barnes, but the formal program was held at the St. Theresa’s Convent.

The newly elected president of LTF, Clarence L. Simpson, III, said the program is intended to “introduce and teach tennis in schools, make them fit, coach them to be competitive in the game and participate in tennis tournaments among other schools.”

“Today marked the official launch, teaching will start this Thursday,” he said, adding: “The four schools are in addition to the five schools where tennis was already introduced, including SOS, ELWA Academy, World School, Vision One and Vision Three.”

The principal of St. Theresa Convent Sister Eveline De-Guglielmo FMM is flanked by the LTF boss Clarence L. Simpson, III teacher A. Omaru Kaitamba II and a coach

The principal of St. Theresa’s Convent, Sister Eveline De-Guglielmo, welcomed the LTF and called an assembly where Simpson and tennis coaches, headed by Alfred Kandakai, talked to the students about tennis.

A. Omaru Kaitamba, II, a literature teacher and coach of the kickball team at St. Theresa’s Convent, said: “This is the first tennis program that has been reintroduced to the school since the 2000s.”

He added: “The students are already excited and we hope it will go a long way. About 90 students have expressed interest.”

Accordingly, ages eight to 12 years are qualified to be part of the program, but the appeals from the students have caused the LTF to open a floodgate for those interested to be a part of the program.


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