Kickball Elects New Officials

VPA Amie, VPO Somah, and Assistant Sec General Wheat

Members of the Liberia Kickball Federation (LKF) have elected a new group of officials from a by-election over the weekend. The positions filled in are Vice Presidents for Administration; Vice President for Operations; and Assistant Secretary General.

The three positions became vacant since the 2014 elections, owing to the kickball constitution, which compels candidates to marry and have bachelor’s degrees.

Last year, the constitution was amended, and the marital and degree clauses were removed.

Madam Amie T. Wisseh was elected on white-ballot on Saturday at the Right to Play Center in Paynesville as Vice President for Administration. She is the president of 72nd Kickball team and has been actively involved in the game since 2009.

Mr. Evan B. Somah won the post of Vice President for Operations with 19 votes, while his contender Elijah Cooper got 4 votes.

Mr. Somah is the president of Aries Kickball Team, while Mr. Cooper is a coach for Amazon Kickball team.

In the Assistant Secretary General’s position, Mr. Surprise Wheat of the Grand Bassa County Kickball Subcommittee was declared winner with 17 votes while Abu Fofana of CYE Kickball team had 6 votes.

Kickball President Yoryor Kollie installed the officials and urged them to be supportive.

Their 4-year tenure ends June 2018.

Meanwhile, Amazon Kickball team was crowned champions of the 2016/2017 LKF National League.
Amazon was medaled, received a gigantic golden trophy and L$18,000.  Supreme Sisters Kickball team was also medaled, received a trophy and L$11,000.

Angels of the Sky Kickball team took L$10,000 as runners-up in the 2016/2017 Kickball League.


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