Kebbeh Lamine: Lone Star’s Midfielder


In the Liberian female soccer world, one of the most resourceful players whose work rate is a joy to watch is Kebbeh Lamine of the national female soccer team, Lone Star.

Ms. Lamine plays in the midfield where she is at home with the ball as she pushes her friends up to do damage to their opponents.

“A lovely player,” said a soccer fan who claimed to have followed the exploits of this wonderful soccer player, “she is good to see in action.”

When the Lone Star visited neighboring Sierra Leone for an invitational match against their counterparts in Freetown recently, Ms. Lamin was on the squad and their 1-1 draw game showed how well the team performed.

Presently, Lone Star is registered in the CAF competition for females and Liberia will now be able to show case her beautiful ladies against their counterparts. Countries like Ghana and Nigeria have gone ahead and have made impressive improvements in the female arena and Liberia is expected to join them.

It would not be the first time for Liberia to participate in a CAF competition though reports about the players’ experience in Ghana, a couple of years ago, were not encouraging. Even the recent trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone had challenging periods for the team but it succeeded.

Whatever the case, there should be a new approach to ensure that the female team has the support necessary for its success, and midfielder Kebbeh Lamine would be in the squad.

The soft spoken Lamine is one of the few players who prefer to speak in action on the field and as the accompanied picture shows, Ms. Lamine also believes in style.

This shows that at least female footballers have style, too. Keep it up Ms. Lamine and get ready to make the nation proud.


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